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531 generative 3D animated looping artworks

Launching — July 15th 2022 (Live!)

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!denzaglobes use !floradenza as a color data input to generate the look of the !denzaglobes.

!floradenza was created by artist errorgardener using a custom machine learning / AI algorithm trained on a set of his own flowers and fidenza creating a unique and captivating series of works.

Please check out this collection hereopensea.io/collection/floradenza


!denzadol was the first series of 1024 generative 3D works. This collection is available to purchase on Looks Rare, Zora and Coinbase NFT markets.

Series one was delisted from OpenSea after release, to remedy this there will be a re-release as part of a free mint for owners of the original collection, with new, more sophisticated artworks generated.

Please check out www.denzadol.xyz